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Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Supplies


There’s half an hour until I dive in nose first to a book! I’ve gathered most of my supplies. I’ve left most of my snacks in the kitchen – fruit and prepreped meals. I didn’t want to let this fun reading party knock me off my healthy eating stride! It’s about the books not the food! But… If I run out later I’ll likely grab some chips! lol I’m only human yet to evolve into a unicorn who can read all day without chips!


Books: I’ve added more since I made my TBR list. Also, my kindle is charging and the Christopher Rice series I listed on my TBR post are e-books! I’m not sure how many I’ll get through today, but I will post updates as the day goes on and a recap when the readathon ends.

Treats for the Pup: Treats and a raw hide for the pup today! He won’t be missing out on his morning walk (already done!) but he’ll likely lose out on some playtime. Hopefully, the raw hide will keep him busy (he likes to toss it in the air and chase it around when it falls.) and make him forget I technically ignoring him to play with a dead tree with symbols on it.

Pepsi and Tea: I promised myself today I wouldn’t go hog wild on the soda! So, I have extra tea instead! One’s even caffiene free! Don’t worry, this isn’t much more than I normally cosume in a day.

Nicotine Gum and Hard Candy: My normal quit smoking supplies within arm’s reach! I’m 82 days quit. Yeah, I’m still working on cutting down on the gum, but that’s a topic for another day!

My Go-to Slytherin Mug: I bought this mug as a gift for myself after publishing Omega Magic. It’s been my go-to ever since!

Notebook and Pen: I’m a writer! I never know when an idea will smack me upside the head! It’s also useful for tracking the time I actually read too. lol

Little Sticky Page Markers: Just in case I misplace a bookmark!

Well, just 20 minutes to go now! Are you ready to read? If not put your pajamas back on and grab a book!



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