OMG! Guys! The O.W.L.’s are this month and I’m running late! (O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon)

Seriously! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this readathon before today! (Well, likely yesterday by the time you read this!) Seriously! I’m psyched! As some of my readers may or may not know I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd! J.K. Rowling and Anne Rice were the first series writers I read and fell in love with! I’ve been a proud Slytherin for many years now! So, I really can’t believe it took me this long to discover this readathon!

For the full details watch this video by BookRoast. She’s an awesome person and since this is her brain child she’s the best one to explain in detail! Also, all of the important links are in the description below her video if you just want to skip to reading the details I don’t mention in this blog.

The basic details of the readathon is that it is a two parter hosted in April and August. April is for O.W.L.s and August is for N.E.W.T.s this year they’ve added the addition of career paths. Both of these tests are set to measure magical accuracy and are set up to be particularly challenging.

Basically each subject has a prompt correlated to the subject and to achieve each ‘career’ you must complete those prompts. You can always be an overachiever and complete more, but you may be more like Fred and George.

I’ve read the Wizarding Career Guidebook (2019 Addition) cover to cover and have decided this year I best make sure my career can translate when I move to the Wizarding World. So, I will be pursuing the Writer/Journalist career path.

So I will be focusing on the following 3 requirements so I can keep up writing if I ever find my way into the Wizarding World:

History of Magic : Read a work published at least 10 years ago

Muggle Studies : Read a contemporary book

1 Other Subject of my Choice: I’m going with Charms which is performing the age line spell (Reading an adult work of fiction.)

Of course, I’m a classic overachiever so if Camp NanoWrimo leaves me with time I’ll be aiming to fulfill some more of the requirements for other exams as well. I’ll post updates as I pass exams. Tomorrow, I’m reading a book that meets my Charms requirement!

Are you taking the O.W.L.’s this month? Let me know how you’re doing!

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