Summer Updates:Writing Plans, Readathons, and Publishing! Oh My!

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The mind of a writer full time!

Hey guys! It’s been a while. A long while in fact! I’ve been so caught up in writing novels that I haven’t since the end of May! I’m such a bad blogger! But rest assured, my time away from the blog has been put to good use!

If you followed along with my Camp Nano blogs back in April this is the novel I started that month and finished the next: Omega’s Homecoming I’m not participating this month, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be hard at work. Camp was fun, but once a year is enough to lay the pressure on my creative process.Good luck to everyone participating this month!

Last night I finished up my next novel. I haven’t made the cover or even talked much about what it’s about on social media. Though, lots of details will be coming your way soon. This morning, I feel a little sad that my book is with the editor and no longer waiting for me to work on it. I’m really going to miss Rhett and Brendan. They were a really fun couple to write.

So what’s next on my schedule for this summer? Waiting for my editor to get me the first rounds back so I can do rewrites for my upcoming novel The Sleeping Omega Prince. I won’t be sitting on my hands while I wait though. I still need to concept a cover and get my outline ready for my next book. Hint: It’s book 6 of the Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga! I fell in love with a sexy half-elf wolfman I overlooked in the first 4 books of the series while writing Omega’s Homecoming. So, in the true spirit of Juda and Frost I scoured my little Mpreg universe until I found him the perfect true-mate! If I’m feeling refreshed before I get the first chapters of The Sleeping Omega Prince back I’ll go ahead and start the next book.

Next month I have N.E.W.T.’s readathon on my schedule. In April, I participated in the first half of the readathon (O.W.L.s Magical readathon) and can’t wait for the next part. Don’t quote me on this next part but I believe Dewey has another readathon next month too which I plan to take advantage to help me make the grades I need to be a writer in the Wizarding World.

I hope you’re enjoying summer!