Dewey’s Wrap Up

To keep this blog simple, I’ll be tracking my reading as I go. As well as any puttering around the house I do. I’m not aiming for any huge number of pages, hours, or books read. I’m just tracking to see how much I actually read.

3:48AM: I beat my alarm up by almost an hour this morning. I’m tired and groggy, but excited to start reading when my brain catches up.

4:00 AM: Started my normal morning routine. Popped in a piece of nicotine gum. (Yes, I fell of the wagon. Now I’m back on it with the gum.) Checked Amazon for updates on my book sales and turned on the episode of the Sinner I left off on. I’m starving this morning but have to wait until after my gum for breakfast. ☹

4:45 AM: Had breakfast. I’m moving a little quicker than I do most mornings, because I’m excited to do nothing except read all day.

5:10 AM: Started reading Willow Trees Don’t Weep by Fadia Faqir

5:52 AM: I’m 69 pages into this book and it has the song Xanadu stuck in my head. I had to move around for a bit to shake the sleep off my joints.

7:09 AM: I’m on page 229. I’m almost finished with my first book of the day, but I need to move around a bit. I’m ready for a snack but holding off just a bit longer. Quitting smoking makes me want to eat the house. Lol

7:23 AM: I just finished my first book of the day. I thought I’d finish at 7. I’m only 23 minutes later than I thought. Lol I’m off to grab a quick shower and a snack!

8:47 AM: That took longer than I thought. Lol Anyway, I’m starting my second book of the day: RiverKeep by Martin Stewart. This one’s a fantasy and will fulfill my A requirement for History of Magic for the N.E.W.T.s Readathon.  

9:46 AM: I’m on page 106, but my brain is starting to slow down from all the reading. I’m going to play some games on my phone and watch some Youtube videos for a while.

11:55AM: Somewhere along the line I started reading again and forgot to jot down the time. I’m on page 326. I have about a quarter of the book left to read, but it’s time to order lunch. Depending on how long it takes to get here I might finish the book while I wait.

2:07 PM: I’m on page 344. I still have a bit of the book left to read, but I think my brain’s had all it’s going to handle of reading for the day. Just over 600 pages isn’t too shabby for me. 😛 If I get a second wind before I head to bed I’ll read some more, but if it not I’m happy with they way today turned out.