*HeadDesk* A Rant on the Universe and Writing

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Yes. Yes, I should be writing. I’m on chapter 20 of Omega Rebellion (AKA Micah and Cody’s book). It’s the 7th in my Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga. I should totally be writing. Well, I am writing, but a blog post and not another chapter of the book.\

It’s time to write the big fight scene of this book. I’m half way through it. This book has about 5 chapters left to write give or take depending on how Micah and Cody behave. It’s almost ready to go to my editor

So why am I not writing?

Today is just blah. Each and everything seems stacked against my productivity. I know. Stop whining and get back to work. I will, but first I’m gonna rant about it. Because this colored line going down the center of my screen is driving me crazy. I’m pretty sure it’s a cord problem, because it happened once before when the cord was loose. This time doing everything imaginable with the cord isn’t making it go away. So, I ordered a new one. With the magic of the internet and Amazon Prime it will be here tomorrow.

In the mean time I have to deal with it. If it’s the monitor and not the cord I’ll have to deal with it until next month. Which is really gonna slow things down. I view the blank page as my canvas. I’m a visual writer meaning I sorta see the words I write, but I see the scene more. The black line of doom (Which is sometimes yellow or green or even blue!) is very fucking distracting. My screen capture won’t pick it up either. So I’m starting to think it’s probably a monitor problem.

*head desks*


Okay. Enough ranting. I have to get back to work or at least try to get some writing done today. Wish me luck. I have a feeling I’m gonna need it.