Why I Write True-Mate Romance

From The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I get a lot of questions about why I write what I do. Which isn’t unexpected when you write true-mate mpreg for a living. My answer is usually – why not Mpreg? But honestly, I enjoy the gender bending and exploring life through a different lens that is impossible to do in the real world.

But why true-mates? At points, I’m not even sure I believe in soul mates in a romantic fashion. The jury’s still out on that one, but I write fiction. So, I digress.

I’ve spoken to many readers who have PTSD, anxiety, trust issues due to trauma and broad spectrum of other negative life experiences. At some point we all have that one feeling in common. That feeling of alone-ness. All alone and by ourselves-ness. That questioning of why we weren’t good enough for whoever left or hurt us. My readers know that PTSD comes up a lot in my world. My characters have been through some real shit. I don’t know how to write people who haven’t been through something or are about to go through something big and traumatic and life changing.

I write true-mate romance, because as a writer it leaves me with the feeling that just maybe soul mates are true. Even if they aren’t I escaped into a world where the universe is on my characters side in at least one fashion. It’s that ride or die. That I loved you before I met you and we’ll be together throughout lifetimes. That feeling that chases away all those I’m all alone-ness feelings.

Books in general often leave me with that feeling banished for a while. It’s why I’m a life long reader, but I want to share that with more people. Since my books have characters who experience PTSD it attracts readers who experience those symptoms. Over the 15 years since I was diagnosed I’ve found that we’re drawn together as if by universal strings.

In short, I write true-mate romance, because I want to put a little hope and happiness and escapism into my the lives of my readers.

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