The Importance of Downtime in Creative Work

Everyone I know who isn’t a writer thinks the busiest time during writing a book is the actual writing of a book. The fast paced indie publishing industry aside, I still disagree with that. I think the busiest time for me is after the draft is complete. That’s when you have to look at your baby and sometimes tear it asunder before your editor even sees it. Then it’s the editor and tweaking things and covers to made and marketing to do and don’t forget you’re probably already working on your next book – because you write to live and without writing you feel like a shell of a person unable to process the world around you. Oh – wait! That’s how I feel when I go more than a few days without writing. Sorry. Well, you’re here. So maybe you do too.

My next novel comes out this Sunday. Yes, on a Sunday, because I like weekend releases. I like putting a book out on a day where most folks can grab and read it straight away if they want to. That’s how I read. I like reading huge chunks at one time if I’m really into a book.

So, it goes without saying that the last few weeks have been very busy for me. (Did I mention I’m about 25k into the next book of the series too?) I’ve also had a kitten in heat. Had one hell of a time finding a vet willing to take new patients during the plague. Finally found one. On Tuesday my furball gets fixed and we’re both ready for better sleep and our quiet (crooning and cat screeching free) lives back.

With all that said I feel as if I haven’t had time to slow down and breathe. I’ve been working on two projects at once – which is my usual during this time of the process. I’ve been dealing with the cat and processing the world for what it is and let’s face it the last year has just sucked everywhere.

So today, I said screw it. I’ve done jack all today besides cook for myself and make sure the cat didn’t starve. I’ve read and I’ve listened to an audiobook. I’ve played Hearthstone and talked on the phone. I’ve thought about the book I’m writing and I think tomorrow when it’s time to resume adulting I’m ready to sit down and read what I have written thus far and grind out the finer details of the plot.

I’m almost finished with a book that has me gushing – I’ll talk about it in a future blog. I’m sure it’ll hit my favorites for this month. I’ve taken the time to enjoy some little things that I don’t get to enjoy often enough. And I just wanted to drop a quick blog to remind everyone – especially writers – to give yourself permission to breathe and do jack all sometimes, because boredom breeds creativity and a brain focused on creating all the time will get stuck.

I”m off to finish my adorable found family romance and enjoy what’s left of my fuck it all day. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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