Ringing in a New Decade (Writing, Read, 7 More)

2019 has NOT been the best year of my adult life. Looking back, I think it might win the title for the most hectic and dramatic, though. I’m looking forward to a new decade and a new perspective on life.

This year hasn’t been all bad. I practice rapid publishing – meaning I’m constantly writing, editing, publishing, rinse and repeat. It’s my full time job. This also means I published 8 books this year. I hope to match or beat the number next year. I don’t have as many distractions now. I’m currently working on a standalone novel that will be my first book of the year.

As far as reading goes it’s 12/29/19 and I’ve read 78 books this year. That’s 3 over my goal of reading 75, but I feel like I haven’t read as much as I’d like to this year. So, in 2020, I’m putting reading back on the front burner now that I live alone.

My aim is to read 100 books next year, but more than that I’m going to make an honest effort to read every day. I know, it’s unlikely that I’ll make it reading 366 days in a row. (Yep. 2020 is a leap year.) Real life happens. But that is my reading goal for this year. I’m going to be nice to myself and count audiobooks too – as long as I listen for at least 30 minutes a day. It’s not the same as burying my nose in a book, but I do think it’ll make me more likely to stick to the goal.

I likely won’t compile a huge list of what I read. I won’t track reading time or anything like that. That (for me) takes the joy out of reading. The point of reading every day for a year is to ensure I slow down and remember to enjoy myself in between hectic moments of adulting.

What’s your reading goal for 2020?