The Importance of Downtime in Creative Work

Everyone I know who isn’t a writer thinks the busiest time during writing a book is the actual writing of a book. The fast paced indie publishing industry aside, I still disagree with that. I think the busiest time for me is after the draft is complete. That’s when you have to look at your baby and sometimes tear it asunder before your editor even sees it. Then it’s the editor and tweaking things and covers to made and marketing to do and don’t forget you’re probably already working on your next book – because you write to live and without writing you feel like a shell of a person unable to process the world around you. Oh – wait! That’s how I feel when I go more than a few days without writing. Sorry. Well, you’re here. So maybe you do too.

My next novel comes out this Sunday. Yes, on a Sunday, because I like weekend releases. I like putting a book out on a day where most folks can grab and read it straight away if they want to. That’s how I read. I like reading huge chunks at one time if I’m really into a book.

So, it goes without saying that the last few weeks have been very busy for me. (Did I mention I’m about 25k into the next book of the series too?) I’ve also had a kitten in heat. Had one hell of a time finding a vet willing to take new patients during the plague. Finally found one. On Tuesday my furball gets fixed and we’re both ready for better sleep and our quiet (crooning and cat screeching free) lives back.

With all that said I feel as if I haven’t had time to slow down and breathe. I’ve been working on two projects at once – which is my usual during this time of the process. I’ve been dealing with the cat and processing the world for what it is and let’s face it the last year has just sucked everywhere.

So today, I said screw it. I’ve done jack all today besides cook for myself and make sure the cat didn’t starve. I’ve read and I’ve listened to an audiobook. I’ve played Hearthstone and talked on the phone. I’ve thought about the book I’m writing and I think tomorrow when it’s time to resume adulting I’m ready to sit down and read what I have written thus far and grind out the finer details of the plot.

I’m almost finished with a book that has me gushing – I’ll talk about it in a future blog. I’m sure it’ll hit my favorites for this month. I’ve taken the time to enjoy some little things that I don’t get to enjoy often enough. And I just wanted to drop a quick blog to remind everyone – especially writers – to give yourself permission to breathe and do jack all sometimes, because boredom breeds creativity and a brain focused on creating all the time will get stuck.

I”m off to finish my adorable found family romance and enjoy what’s left of my fuck it all day. Stay safe and healthy out there!


Coming 2/21! Guardians of Glitter Bomb (Book 5 of Love by Glitter Bomb) Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

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Marcel is content with his life as the highest-ranking omega in the Fangs de Sang vampire coven. He has his chosen mate and blood servant, Remy, and his sister, Maribelle, who is also his best friend. He’s spent centuries living a life alternating between defending his family’s legacy and settling in to be a bookworm with Remy. Not to mention they have an adventurous sex life that leaves little time for him to wonder what will happen when his true-mate shows up at their door.
Their world is turned upside down when Marcel catches a whiff of his true-mate’s blood on a battlefield. He and Remy travel across the Atlantic to meet the man who is destined to be their third but fitting into the Glitter Bomb crowd isn’t easy and a bounty on the vampire’s head makes it twice as hard.
Everyone has secrets to keep, but Bruce Moonscale doesn’t consider his own secrets deep or dark. They’re just convenient and allow him to blend into the world he currently inhabits. Some might say he keeps his truth close to his heart, in his very blood. That is what enables his true-mate to catch a whiff of him and track him down from the other side of the globe. With the arrival of the eccentric vampire and his blood servant Bruce might have to let his friends in on his secret to keep his newfound mate safe.
The three of them will have to learn to trust each other and their budding clan if everyone is going to make it out alive.

Pre-order your copy today!


My Favorite Books from January 2021 (Late, but I’ve been writing!)

I’m running a little later than I wanted to with getting this post up. I got a little lost in writing Guardians of Glitter Book (Book 5 of my Love by Glitter Bomb Series). The draft is finished now and I’m about 2/3 of the way through polishing stuff up. I’m really fond of the characters in this one. I love all my characters – my MCs anyway, but I’ve really been in the mood to write vampires recently and there’s a vampire in this one! The cover reveal and stuff will be out soon on my Facebook.


I read a lot of books in January, but by the end of the month three stood out to me. So onward with my year of talking about more books that I’ve read. One is still haunting me and calling my attention back to it. I’m really happy with how many books I read in January where I’m at in my yearly goal. I’m way ahead, but I’m not changing my number yet, because you never know what life will throw at you.

The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.

After reading this book it was difficult to believe it was a debut novel. In this stunning historical fiction the author explores the forbidden love between two you slaves. It’s a heart wrenching tale that dives into not only their lives, but the lives of everyone on The Empty (the nickname for the plantation). His prose and characters weave a tapestry through the plot and each other. Honestly, this is the best book I’ve read in a long time and some of its passages still haunt me.

Winter of the Wolf by Martha Hunt Handler

Winter of the Wolf by [Martha Hunt Handler]

This is one of the few YA novels I read in January. I usually read a lot of YA, but this year my attention has been elsewhere. In this family drama mixed with mystery the MC, Bean, is trying to make sense of her favorite brother’s apparent suicide. She calls foul not believing that he died by his own hand the book circles around that mystery and how Sam’s death shapes the family he left behind. It was a beautifully told story, but what really won it points with me is it’s take on modern shamanistic practices and paganism. It’s approached at times with some goofballness that I appreciated. As a Pagan I don’t find a lot of fiction that represents anything close to my spiritual beliefs in a positive light in a real life setting.

coming clean by kimberly rae miller

Coming Clean: A Memoir by [Kimberly Rae Miller]

Coming Clean is memoir of one woman’s life spent growing up with her hoarder parents. She writes of not only her parents’ mental illnesses and their family struggles with brutal honesty, but also of how it impacted her mental health and still does to this day.