Happy Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

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Happy Readathon Day, bookworms! Hope everyone has all their favorite books and snacks ready. Usually, by now I’ve posted a hopeful TBR, but this year I’ve bought a house, moved, and kept everything going while I did. I’ve planned so much that literally when I wrote my last novel I never even wrote a plot. I’m a plotter through and through, but besides some notes at the bottom of the document my upcoming holiday novel Catnip and Mistletoe (Book 10 of Love by Glitter Bomb) was entirely pantsed. For those of you who know me personally or follow the blog you know that’s not how I usually do things. I think maybe moving this time planned me out. To be totally honest, the last few months have felt like an emotional hangover with all the big changes happening so quickly.

I’m on a roll this year with reading, though. Last year I scrapped by with 200 books because of the pandemic. Before that I couldn’t even swing 100 a year. I think I hit 80ish in 2019. Which was still a lot, but friends were reading way more than I was. This year I kept that ‘updated’ reading habit. Stressed? Read. Shit happening I can’t control? Read. Too tired to do anything else but it isn’t time for bed? Read. Seriously, I think my brain just liked that part of lockdown. Though, to be honest, even through moving I saw as few people as possible and pretty much have gone back into my own semi-lockdown mode since finishing everything. I live in a pretty conservative area and don’t trust people to be smart with the pandemic. Sorry, not sorry. I’ve seen what people do here.

Anyway, that was a side tangent, what I meant to say, was despite reading 175 books so far this year I still have shelves of unread books and today that’s a good thing. I’ve planned a lot of my reads this year between r/bookclub over on Reddit (if you’re looking for an online bookclub that reads diversely check us out!) and buddy reads. So, I’m ready to go back to browsing my unread shelves and finding my next read that way. Some of the books were bought years ago and it’s like finding a surprise. Don’t worry. The books I read and don’t want to keep forever are gifted/donated/given to the library. They’re not sitting in a landfill or filling up my entire house until I’m just at a table with coffee and a laptop writing my next novel.

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Not my pile of books. lol

So, that’s exactly what I plan to do in a few hours. I’m going to comb my shelves and find something totally unplanned to read. Usually, I have a blogging/check-in plan too, but not this time. Maybe I’ll check in throughout the day or maybe I’ll just come back tomorrow morning and do a wrap-up. But I have my pumpkin spice coffee and lots of options.

Happy reading, bookworms!


Dewey’s Afternoon Check-in (#2021ReverseReadathon)

Okay, so it’s been an interesting 4 hours. I took a short nap and we had a thunderstorm pass overhead. I think with these set backs I’ll likely not hit my 10 hour goal. I never really do unless I just choose a big book. lol I’m about to chat with a friend for a bit to clear my head and regain some energy. But first, I’ve read another 2 hours and 1 minute this time around. That brings me up to 7 hours and 48 minutes. That means I need about 2 hours and 12 minutes. So maybe, I’ll get there. If not I’m not too worried about it. Life has been stressful enough recently without beating myself up over something that’s supposed to be fun.

This time around I wrapped up Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg. I enjoyed this one, but not as much as the Paper Magician Series. It took me 4 hours and 5 minutes to get through this one.

Then I started H.G. Well’s The Time Machine and read for 58 minutes before my update alarm went off. I’m having mixed feelings about it. It was the same way with War of the Worlds. Still… I’m about halfway through. It’s dense for a little book and I figure it’ll take me another house to finish it up.


Dewey’s Lunch Time Check in (#2021ReverseReadathon)

I just finished a quick lunch and a little break from reading. I needed to come up for some air and move around so that I could have a tiny chance of hitting my goal of ten hours. With about 8 hours left I’m on track. I’ve read an additional 2 hours and 29 minutes since my last check in. Putting me at 5 Hours and 47 Minutes out of my ten hour goal. So, since I divided the day up into 4 hour chunks I just need to read 2 hours and 7ish minutes of each of those chunks. So, I should hit my goal unless I hit the wall. lol

I finished up I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver and I’m happy to say the last half of the book did redeem it.

2 Hours and 25 Minutes of reading time.

I’m still working on Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg. I’m enjoying it but the mystery is starting to drag a bit for my liking and with the most recent twist to the book I’m wondering if it’s to be solved at all.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by [Charlie N. Holmberg]
3 Hours and 42 Minutes of reading time so far


Dewey’s Check-In (#2021ReverseReadathon)

Hey again! I’ve been up about 4 hours so far this morning and managed about 3 hours and 18 minutes across two books. Since my mental health would never allow my to forgo sleep to try to stay up for the whole readathon I usually aim for about 10 hours and I think I’m on track for that since I’m adding in the audio books this time.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by [Charlie N. Holmberg]
2 Hours and 12 Minutes of reading time so far

First, Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg, I’m loving this book on audio. I listened to it during coffee and breakfast and while I moved around to loosen up my joints this morning. Up until a few years ago I wanted nothing to do with audiobooks. They brought back flashbacks of those tape my elementary school teachers used while we read along. I’d always read ahead and if they stopped the tape to ask me about something going on during the part the tape just read I’d always stumble over my words. The tape was just too slow to keep my attention. Then, I learned audiobooks have adjustable speeds now. I never listen at the normal speed and it’s allowed me to enjoy them a lot more. At the speed I’m currently reading at I have about 2.5 hours left of this one. With meals and stuff I figure I’ll finish it up before the day is over.

1 Hour 6 Minutes of reading time so far

The other book I’m reading is I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver. I’ve wanted to read this one since it first came onto my radar last year. I’m non-binary so any book with a non-binary main character gets tossed onto the TBR. There aren’t that many I come across. I was excited for this one, but I’m about 40% through it and I’m not sure what I think. I don’t want to say anything just yet. I should finish it by my noon check in and I’ll probably have more to say about it then.

Happy reading!


Good morning/afternoon Deweys!

I woke up about 45 minutes ago and started Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg on audio (great so far but I’ve loved 4 previous books by her). After I finished my first cup of coffee I went over to see if anyone had anything interesting reading-on on Goodreads.

I was able to get in after a few refreshes but still it’s so seldom that I see this. I think we’re overloading Goodread’s brain today. lol

I’m off for my second cup of coffee and to string enough brain cells together to sit down with my first paperback of the day! Happy reading!


Happy Early Start to Dewey’s 24 Hour Reverse Readathon

Hey guys! With the start of the readathon a little more than an hour away I wanted to drop in and say hi and wish everyone who is starting tonight a happy night/day of reading! I’m on EST time meaning it starts around the time I start getting ready for bed. I won’t be active tonight, but if I’m not too tired I’ll be starting Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg on audio while I get ready for bed. I just finished up her Paper Magician series yesterday and am ready to dive into more of her books.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by [Charlie N. Holmberg]

Happy reading! What’s the first thing up on your readathon TBR? Let me know in the comments!


Dewey’s Reverse 24 Hours Readathon TBR

I can’t believe it’s already August and that means Dewey’s annual 24 Hour Reverse Readathon is less than a week away! I’m so late this year with getting my TBR together.

Usually, I explain what the readathon is but I think most people know what Dewey’s is by now. So, onward to the TBR list.

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

Okay, everyone, I’m obsessed with this author currently. I’ve read almost everything he’s written and outside of a non-fiction book Anxious People is my last full length novel of his to read until something new comes out! What better day to read it than Dewey’s? I grabbed it as part of one of my BOTM boxes earlier in the year and am excited to finally get to sit down and read it!

I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

This one has been on my TBR list (otherwise known as the list that never ends) since it came out last year. I’ve been trying to find more fiction by non-binary authors that features non-binary characters. As most of you who follow the blog know I’m non-binary and always looking for good fiction.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

Starting last year I read a few Agatha Christies and couldn’t believe I waited so long to dabble in her works. Like most folks my first book by her was And Then There Were None and I adored it. This one came as a gift from a friend over on r/bookclub on Reddit. If you’re looking for a nice mostly read at your pace book club, check it out. Anyway, back on track I’m excited toss a whodunit onto my TBR list for the day.

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

This book novella has been on and off my radar for years now. Mostly recently it was nominated for a Gutenberg read over on r/bookclub and didn’t win. So, I’m adding it to my readathon TBR to finally read it.

You may have noticed my TBR list this time is a bit shorter than previous years (except the ones where I decided to read one very long book). Now that I’ve participated for a few years I know about how much I’ll actually get through. If by some miracle I make it through all of these books I’ll pick up either the next book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series or one of my books from my partially read stack.

What are you reading for the reverse readathon?


Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga Books

Omega Studies :

Omega Wrynn Heart dreams of the day he’ll meet his true-mate, but everyone keeps telling him no Alpha wants to marry a smart-mouthed omega with little respect for tradition or authority. That’s okay, he doesn’t want to marry an Alpha looking for nothing more than a houseboy, anyway. What sort of mundane existence would that be? Certainly not one he wants to experience.

Wrynn’s outspoken nature causes him to cycle through a lot of jobs and there aren’t many left willing to hire an unmated omega. His last chance is the position of Omega Studies professor at the prestigious Hemlock Academy. It’s below his level of expertise, but his Alpha brother and guardian, Zack, called in every last favor to secure it for Wrynn and threatens to marry him off, true-mate or not, if he doesn’t make it work.

When his new boss turns out to be everything Wrynn’s ever dreamed of and more he’s sure there’s a catch to snagging the most eligible Alpha in the states. He’s not sure he’ll get to find out if Darian Hemlock can’t put up with his sass and outspoken nature.

Darian Hemlock isn’t looking for his true-mate. He’s not against the idea. The Patriarch of Hemlock Wolf Pack and the Dean of Hemlock Academy has bigger problems to worry about. With the turn over rate of the Omega Studies professor ever rising and a new string of omega disappearances sweeping through his pack’s territory he’s taken off guard when Wrynn Heart walks into his life and for a brief moment the world stops.

His new Omega Studies Professor is unlike any other omega he’s ever met and he’s his. Everything about Wrynn makes him irresistible from his slim physique to his smart-mouthed antics. In fact, when it comes to Wrynn he can only think about one thing: the night they conceive their first pup.

Alpha and omega collided in a clash of passion, but the world doesn’t stop just because they’ve had a true-mating response.
Threats from the outside continue to pour into their lives in the form of an unsolved string of omega kidnappings. Will Darian and his pack stop the threat to their very home before it’s too late?

Omega Sight :

Omega Ross Hemlock has waited a long time to meet his true-mate. Blessed with the unique gift of omega sight he knows how, but just not when his sexy true-mate Alpha will walk into his life. When his brother, Darian, the Patriarch of the Hemlock Pack, calls upon his gift to solve a mystery involving the disappearance of omegas from nearby territories he stumbles into the fated love of his life. There’s only one problem Monta Gallagher isn’t the Alpha his family had in mind for him.

Alpha Monta Gallagher is from the wrong side of the tracks and he knows it. Sure, the Hemlock Patriarch helped him out of a few rough patches in the past, but that doesn’t mean he wants to mate into his family. As soon as he lays eyes on Ross he knows he’ll never be good enough for him. Not because of the money or the acclaimed Hemlock name, but because he’ll never be able to give the sexy omega the life he deserves. He’ll have to find a way past everything standing between him and his true-mate.

Both Ross and Monta are helpless to the throes of fate and passion, but can they stop arguing long enough to build a family and aid in keeping their territory safe from the threats looming in every dark corner?

Omega Magic:

Omega Logan Fox has sworn off dating. After a long line of cocky Alphas who couldn’t live up to their promises his lonely heart’s had enough. Now, he’s married to his job as Alchemy Professor of Hemlock Academy. He’s struggling with the campus wide omega curfew when a Hemlock wolf asks for a favor. He reluctantly agrees never imagining it would lead to finding his true-mate.

But he’s not ready for the life changing event. Logan’s weary of falling in love again even if finding his true-mate means forever. Amidst the constant threat of danger from outside forces, he has to find away to put the past behind him and build a new life with the sexy and sweet Alpha he can’t stop thinking about.

Alpha Jessie Hemlock is glad to do his part in keeping the Hemlock Wolf Pack safe. He packs up his life and travels to Hemlock Academy as danger looms ever closer to the shifter university. Skilled in tracking and experienced in taking on the worst the world has to offer he’s prepared for everything.

Well, everything except finding his true-mate scarred by past relationships. Witnessing the aftermath of ill-fated romances and their effects on his omega brings out the softer side of this protector. He’ll do whatever it takes to prove to Logan that he’s in it forever no matter what the future brings.

Balancing romance, family, and the fate of the pack isn’t an easy job. Logan and Jessie will have to rely on each other and their bond to survive. Is love enough to carry the pack through the most dangerous challenge the Omega Liberation Front has ever faced?

Healers Oath:

Just when the Hemlocks thought Jeb was through causing trouble, they discover their work isn’t over yet.

When omega Lee Knight wakes up in a strange bed he doesn’t remember crawling into, his life takes a turn for the bizarre. It’s not only the strange house and faces he doesn’t recall. It’s everything he experienced before waking up. His whole life is gone. Unsure of even his own name he must trust the man who calls to his soul to guide him through the perils of his past to reclaim his memories and the lost part of his soul.

Alpha Bane Hemlock is best known for his medical practice and loyalty to his pack, but when new information and old memories test the bounds of kinship, he’ll have to decide what’s most important to him. Hours after meeting his true-mate he’s faced with the most challenging medical dilemma of his career. The true-mate he spent centuries waiting for doesn’t recall their first meeting. Their connection is undeniable, but Lee’s amnesia leaves Bane knowing more about his mate’s troubles than even Lee does.

When medicine and science fail to provide answers from Lee’s strange amnesia, he and Bane must journey to the Other World to discover a remedy. When the past and present collide, what does the future hold for these true-mates?

Omega Homecoming:

Hemlock Academy is just a temporary home for omega, Blake Knight. He enjoys his classes and adores the little boy who nearly cost him his life. Blake wouldn’t trade Duke for the world but living as a single omega parent isn’t easy. Between early mornings and late nights Blake’s just about given up on a love life. Unless his true-mate waltzes into his Daddy and Me Classes he’s going to be single forever. Still, when he looks into Duke’s eyes, it’s more than worth it.

His peaceful, if lonely, life is turned upside down when a crush turns sinister. Even after the threat is eliminated Blake feels on edge. Something deep inside of him knows he hasn’t seen the last of the danger. He flees to the home of his birth to find safety, but danger has a way of following the Knight Brothers around.

Alpha and rock star, Jonah Darnell, lives in the limelight. His band, The Grim Howlers, is known and loved worldwide, but his patience with Moonscale Records is wearing thin. He’s ready to settle down and raise a family. The only problem is he’s traveled the world over and hasn’t met his true-mate.

Since life in the fast lane didn’t bring his dreams to life Jonah thinks it’s time for a slowdown, but where does a rock star put down roots? Anywhere, his omega calls home. Well, if he could only find him.

A chance meeting brings Blake and Jonah together as true-mates, but things don’t go as smoothly as either of them imagined. With drama, betrayal, and danger around every corner will their love be enough to keep their family safe?

Claiming the Shaman:

Omega, Xenos, spent his life serving both the Nightshade Bears and the spirits who pass by as the soul living shaman. He dedicated himself to the betterment of shifter kind, but something was always missing. Unlike most post people who search the world over for their missing piece, Xenos knew exactly what was missing. Except the spirits wouldn’t let him have the true-mate he was forced to watch from afar. With the bears picking up arms and the threat of a pack war looming Xenos needs his true-mate more than ever. He wants the whole package: True-mate, a cozy house, and of course a baby.

After years of helping others find true love and reuniting lost mates, Xenos is ready for a family of his own. Shortly after his father’s death, the spirits announce it’s time for him to meet his true-mate. Xenos has been counting down the days, but for every day there’s a new problem. With half the Nightshade Bears toting around guns and the group’s founder on extended leave his work has doubled.

Alpha, Barry, better known as Nurse Barry to his contemporaries, doesn’t believe in happy-ever-afters. At least, not for himself. He carved out his niche at Hemlock Academy. A fully trained doctor who can run the academy’s clinic and fight off would-be dragon kidnappers he considered himself a lucky man. Barry put his past behind him and started fresh, but when a war threatens his pack, old secrets crawl out of the dark.

When the Nightshade Bear’s doctor and Barry’s old mentor passes away, he leaves the comforts of Hemlock Academy for the more rural Nightshade Bear Territory. Drone deliveries allow him the creature comforts he’s accustomed to, but the lack of all-night convenience stores is the least of his problems. The previous doctor, Old Man Sigmore, left behind a handful of patients and a son with big dreams who are all counting on him.

The world doesn’t stop spinning just because true-mates meet. Xenos and Barry must figure out how to overcome the obstacles both between them and in front of them. Anything less than a united front may cost the lives of innocents. With their family hanging in the balance will their love be enough to keep the mates together?

Omega Rebellion:

Omega, Cody Denton’s, life has been ruled by the iron fist of a pack Alpha who doesn’t always have the Raven Hallow Wolf Pack’s best interests at heart. He and a small group of other omegas have found ways to fight back, both small and large, but it never seems to be enough. His life is a grueling mess of being pushed around by pack policies and cave-Alphas. That is until Micah Gilmore walks into his life and changes his destiny.
Alpha, Micah Gilmore, loves the finer things in life. A good time, a warm body to keep him company on a long night and basking in the adoration of his fans. When he meets his true-mate his illusions of the world being a fair and kind place are shattered and Micah must decide whether to protect his own or aid in a plot to change the destiny of a whole pack.
With war and revolution hanging in the balance will Micah and Cody’s love be enough to see them through the hard times ahead?

The Crow King’s Heir:

Kodiak has settled into a life of solitude. He’s happy to help when the sleuth needs him, but he’s learned to enjoy his own company. There’s less drama that way. Less dirty looks too. Everything changes when the Nightshade Bear Shaman sends him east under the guise of a mission to bring his grandmother back a safe distance from enemy territory. His faux mission brings him face-to-face with a man he thought he’d never meet: his true-mate.

His omega runs smack dab into him while racing through the forest clutching his sister to his chest like the hounds of Frost are after him. There’s no time for these true-mates to slow down if they’re going to free Micah Gilmore and return peace to the Raven Hallow Wolf Pack once and for all.

Silas Crowise is in over his head. Discovered saving children left for dead in the forest he goes on the run taking his best friend with him. Once the pair reaches safety the battle’s only begun. His father and enemy, Brone, have allies he nor his Hemlock friends never imagined. Silas is determined to lead his people out of dark times, but will have to use all his strength, cunning, and every unconventional method he can think of to spare as many of his pack as possible.

Will love be enough to see Silas, Kodiak, and their families through the battles ahead?

Alpha in Distress:

Voron’s never met his Hemlock Wolf Pack relatives, but as a scientist and a Hemlock at heart he wants to help them win the battle raging on Earthside. His father, who left the family behind a long time ago, won’t look away from the scrying bowl as time differences drag out a battle that seems to have no end.

As a child the family on the other side of the door mystified him. Now, he might be the only one who can save them. As a scientist he refuses to believe there is no antidote for the famous poison dubbed “Meadow Berries.” Everything in nature has an opposite. It’s how the world remains in balance.

His skills are put to the test when his true-mate stumbles through a death door to the Other World that was never meant for him. Riddled with arrows and out of his mind from the poison cursing through his veins Voron is the only one with a chance of saving his other half.

But as with most things there’s more to the situation than what shows on the surface. Voron will have to use all his draconic wisdom, courage, and the help of his friends and family if he’s to have the life he’s always dreamed of.
Is love enough to save this Alpha in Distress?

Sky’s Homecoming:

For Sky Hemlock his youth on Hemlock Mountain feels like another lifetime. Big family gatherings, pack meetings, and flying over the mountains while his father demanded he land are years behind him, but everything boils to the surface when he and his true-mate decide to move their family back to Earthside.

An accumulation of a lifetime spent as a grounded dragon led Sky to leave his family’s land and venture into a new realm where love, adventure, and danger lurked around every corner. Still, he and Rune built a family while he lost contact with the ones he left behind.

Returning home after a war spanning years and taking place on both sides of the door Sky knows exactly what to expect. Some wolves never change. Still, if they drew together years ago could they have saved the lives they lost?

Rune Night Star-Hemlock is determined to bridge the gap between Sky and his twin brother, Darian. He enlists the help of Wrynn Heart-Hemlock to bring their Alphas together. As their stories unfold can the brothers find the middle ground before the next threat to both of their families find them?

All the Pieces of Us:

Alpha Star Hemlock-Night Star would describe himself as a family man. He doesn’t have a family of his own yet, but his parents provide enough siblings to keep him busy. Not that there was much else for him to do back home in the Other Worldly Night Star Village. A successful warrior out east, he’s proven himself to be an important protector of the Hemlock Wolf Pack even if he is a dragon. To the outside world, Star is gruff, hotheaded, and at times irrational, but can be counted on when it’s down to the wire.

Star has secrets of his own. He’s haunted by nightmares of a man who died in the Other World many years ago. A warrior dragon waking up in cold sweats from a dream isn’t something he’d brag about. Star is sure he knows the cause behind the dreams, but the past can’t be changed, right?

Omega Zeke started his life as an almost victim of his own father. His rescuer was none other than the now well-known Doctor Barry. Growing up on Hemlock Mountain taught him a lot of things even if his past was a hush-hush subject not widely discussed. Now, he’s on a mission to have a baby. No, he’s not looking for the Alpha of his dreams or his true-mate to whisk him off his feet into a fairytale romance. He’s ready to charge headfirst into the single parent life. IVF is his one chance at making one painful secret into something better.

With layers of secrets surrounding them Star and Zeke meet as they both make their way to Hemlock Mountain for a ritual. Will these true-mates be able to untangle the knots surrounding their lives enough to put their pieces together? They’ll have to if they have any chance of a happily-ever-after.

As Long As You Need Me:

Ivan grew up as a beta in the Raven Hollow Wolf Pack in the days before the big war out east. He narrowly escaped his death by reaching out to an old friend who saved him not only from his pack, but from a vote that should’ve sent him to the gallows.

Now at Hemlock Academy, Ivan finds life both easier and more difficult. The campus is a maze he can’t navigate. He doesn’t know what to do when other shifters act out in kind ways he doesn’t expect. Mostly, he doesn’t know what to do about his roommate, and crush Colton. In Ivan’s world, sexy Alphas like Colton don’t go for betas like him. They go for tail-wagging omegas or wait for their true-mates.

Except, he’s noticed Colton looking at him. He’s sure it’s his imagination, but when it turns out he’s not imagining the mutual attraction he enters a new social order that doesn’t always make sense to him. Then there’s the little problem. One day, he’s certain Colton’s true-mate will show up like a wrecking ball to their lives. Will love be enough to help Ivan navigate the strange new world that is Hemlock Academy?

The Omega Midwife:

After four years of being a couple and studying at Hemlock Academy, Ivan and Colton are ready to strike out on their own. Together, they travel to the impoverished New Hope Mountain Village which is home to a small population of non-shifters with the Alpha/omega genes. They’re ready to put their degrees in family life to work and make a real difference in the world.
Ivan is certain in a village full of non-shifters, Colton’s true-mate won’t turn up to rock the happy boat of their recent engagement. Little does he know that fate has other plans for him and his love life. Both men find more than they bargained for at the non-shifter village and they’ll have to learn to work together with someone new to find happiness and save the village from certain doom.

Bolt is a proud omega ‘midwife.’ As a transplant from the Raven Hollow Wolf Pack, he found solace in the non-shifter village before the war. His informal training in medicine at his mother’s side made him a valuable member of the community. Life is hard, but for him, the hard work pays off in big ways. When Ivan and Colton arrive at New Hope Mountain Village, Bolt doesn’t slow down. Colton and Ivan have come to the village to be family aides and that hasn’t changed. He’s drawn to Ivan too, either because or in spite of Colton. Two sets of helping hands are better than one, right?

Bolt welcomes Ivan into his new relationship with Colton, but the beta wolf still has doubts. Can these three lovers work together and find a way forward before time runs out?


My Latest Novel Got Pinged for Possible ‘Copyright’ Issues. (Spoiler: Amazon was wrong and the book’s live) now.)

Thursday morning when I published my latest novel, The First Omega, I didn’t plan to spend my Saturday morning writing a blog and refilling my mental energy from constant hassles from Amazon. I imagined this weekend to be one where I laid around reading and maybe caught up no things around the house.

This morning I’m a little less butthurt about the whole situation. I understand that Amazon as a business has a great incentive to ensure those who use their publication platform follow copyright laws. Besides, unless pirates are on ships there is nothing sexy about piracy. Still, my problem wasn’t with them double checking. My problem lays in the fact they claimed my proof wasn’t proof.

Okay, let’s backtrack to see what went on. When I woke up Friday morning and The First Omega was still in review I knew something was funky. On my side of things, nothing was different. I’ve done this for almost four years now and more books than I can count. But it NEVER takes that long.

Around noon it reverts back to draft with NO explanation. So, I put in a ticket and ask what’s up. The ticket response basically said for whatever reason they didn’t know. Thanks, Amazon. You’re really helpful. About an hour after that I got another email from them. Not the same ticket person, but someone in the copyright division.

It has come to our attention that the following book(s) may include one or more images on your book’s cover for which you may not have the necessary rights

At first, I was peeved. It was just a mild inconvenience. I reached out to the folks over at 123rf and within the hour I had what I thought they needed. Didiee the customer service rep who helped me was freaking awesome. No one would be reading The First Omega right now if it weren’t for her.

So, I send the email to Amazon. I forward everything she sent me. Well, nope. A letter and receipt for each of the photos in question wasn’t enough to make Amazon happy.

Thank you for responding to our request to confirm you hold the necessary rights to one or more images on your book(s) cover. The information you submitted for the book(s) is insufficient.

It was at this point I was annoyed. I mean, what more could I do? Did the site not own the right to let me buy the right to use these photos? That wasn’t the case. So, after regrouping I sent an email to Amazon asking what they needed that wasn’t provided. Well, I got a couple stock replies, but I kept emailing them. I had heard horror stories of other authors who battled Amazon for months over this despite doing everything by the book. I considered switching platforms. A platform is only as good as its ability to reach readers. The First Omega is years in the making and readers have been asking for it. So, it’s finished. It’s polished. And now it can’t reach my readers?

Well, eventually, either they grew tired of me emailing them or it came across the desk of an Amazon employee who gave a damn. Who told me what they thought they needed. After that I was able to get back with the awesome Didiee and she was able to help me out with it. Guys, Amazon jerked me around for over 8 hours because 123rfs official licensing statement didn’t have my email address on it. It’s petty. Amazon is petty.

But I’m not here to help Amazon. I’m here to help any author who has bought the right to use stock photos for their book covers. If you get pinged this is the complete list of what Amazon wants you to provide from whoever (photographer or stock photo site).

Your name

The image reference number(s)

Your Mailing Address

Your EMAIL Address

The fact you have permission to use this photo

Since I don’t want to spend all day reliving yesterday I’m going to go now. I have a book waiting on me to finish reading and another cup of coffee with my name on it.

P.S. Authors, if Amazon pings you for something and you know they’re wrong don’t let them get away with it. It’s annoying for us, but it also affects our readers.


The Hemlock Mpreg Timeline (AKA The Reading Order Post Y’all Asked For)

The First Omega

Omega Studies

Omega Sight

Omega Magic

Healer’s Oath

Ardan’s Oath

Omega’s Homecoming

The Sleeping Omega Prince

Claiming the Shaman

Skystead Wolves

Omega Rebellion

Mated for the Holidays

Saving Cinder

Freeing Fenrir

Crow King’s Heir

Alpha in Distress

Sky’s Homecoming

All the Pieces of Us

As Long as You Need Me

Omega Midwife

Pheromone Swap

Making Room for Love

Behind Dragon Wings

Interview with a Captive Dragon

The Other Mr. Claus

Yuletide Bites

Stay with Us

Guardians of Glitter Bomb

To Save a Sidhe

Dead Mates Society

The Love We Choose

The Love Right in Front of Us

Alphas of Lore

The Vampire and the Beast

Catnip and Mistletoe

The Practice Alpha

Alpha Unleashed

Alpha Misunderstood

The Pride of Glitter Bomb

The Age of Lions

A Worthy Bear

Stuck Between Two Bears

Omega in the Stars

Just a Wolf

Canton: A Memoir